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Alcohol Misuse in College Freshmen: Effects of Impulsivity and Family History

Spectral Analysis of Resting State Electroencephalogram (EEG) in Subjects With and Without Family Histories of Alcoholism

The Effects of Family History and Alcohol Use on Alcohol Cue Reactivity: an fMRI Study

Effects of Binge Drinking Patterns on Cognitive Functions in College Students

Collegiate Academic Performance in Relation to Alcohol Consumption and High School Standardized Test Scores

Alcohol Use in College Freshmen: Differences in Self-reported Sensation-seeking, Trait Impulsivity, and Motivation, but Not in Behavioral Delay-discounting or Risk-taking Tasks

Characteristics of College Freshmen who Abstain from Alcohol Consumption

Effects of Drinking Patterns on Prospective Memory Performance in College Students

Using A Four Factor Model To Determine Interactions Between Family History Of Alcoholism, Gender, And Motives For Drinking In A Freshman College Sample

Effects Of Negative Life Events And Self-Reported Impulsivity On Alcohol Use In College Freshmen

Do Life Events And Social Support Moderate The Risk Of Problem Drinking In Young Adults With Symptoms Of Depression And Anxiety?

Effects of Family History on Alcohol Consumption and Adverse Consequences in College Freshmen in the BARCS Study

Impulsivity Measures Sensitive to Alcohol Use Disorders and Depression

The BARCS Study: A Brief Overview

The Effects of Alcohol on Cognitive Functioning in College Students

The Relationship Between Impulsivity, Participation In Drinking Games and Negative Alcohol-Related Consequences In A Freshman College Sample

Relationship Between Prior Brain Injury and Alcohol Consumption in College Students

Depression, Alcohol Use Disorders, and Substance Use Disorders Moderate the Impulsivity Levels of College Students

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